Toroidal Transformer Characteristics


Toroidal transformers have the characteristics of low n […]

Toroidal transformers have the characteristics of low noise, less heat, small size and high conversion efficiency. They have been widely used in instruments, medical and health, industrial automation equipment, household appliances and other industries in today's society. It exhibits excellent performance, far exceeding the performance of U-type and E-type transformers.
According to my preliminary understanding, the most commonly used toroidal transformer is the stage moving head light, which has the effect of energy saving and environmental protection. The stage moving head light also adopts an LED switching power supply. The switching power supply is more widely used than the toroidal transformer. The applications are as follows:

The space occupied by the length, width and height of the toroidal transformer is a cylindrical structure, and its volume is about half smaller than that of the U-shaped E-shaped transformer. The toroidal transformer has no air gap on the core, and the windings are wound evenly on the toroidal core. The magnetic circulation structure is almost in a closed space, realizing small magnetic leakage, weak electromagnetic radiation, and resistance to external magnetic interference. It does not need to add a shielding layer. It is installed on electronic equipment with various complex structures without any electromagnetic interference.
The power of a toroidal transformer is usually determined by its diameter and height. The higher the power, the larger the volume and weight. Various power specifications, various input and output voltage configurations are very flexible, and the processing equipment is simple and fast. Under full load, the temperature rise of the toroidal transformer is only 40°C, allowing short-term overload. The first-stage winding is insulated with B-grade (130℃) polyester film, which can withstand 4000V AC voltage test for 1 minute.

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