What are positive and non-standard power adapters?


1: The raw material cost gap, the standard power adapte […]

1: The raw material cost gap, the standard power adapter is completely in accordance with the safety standards, capacitance capacity, safety devices, etc., one can not be less, most of the industry's well-known built-in IC, to ensure safety, pay attention to performance, improve product life. The non-standard power adapter can be smaller in capacitance capacity, and the security device province is saved, and which IC is cheaper to use. In this way, it can only guarantee the basic output voltage current, and even some components containing virtual standards, 0.5 A written as 1A, 1.5 A written as 2A, everywhere.

2: Manufacturing and quality cost gap, according to the ISO quality relationship system, can greatly affect the cost of a product production process and quality testing process, such as power adapters, in the production process, the professionalism of personnel, The welding of each original on the power supply will seriously affect the quality of a product. In the aging process, whether or not all aging and aging time are guaranteed are closely related to the quality of the product. Quality monitoring process, testing ratio, testing techniques, testing instruments, are not to be ignored.

3: After-sale cost, we all know that Apple phone explosion, Samsung NOTE 7 explosion. Why? Because they are the benchmark of the industry, the products they make should be good. This is a subconscious convention in our minds. If they have problems, they should not. But we should also believe that other small companies that make cottage machines sell phones that charge more and explode. But we don't know. If the Apple Samsung phone in your hand explodes, you can look for Apple and Samsung. If the unfortunate is your hand inside the mobile phone you also do not know which production, even if it is blown, you can call again.
Of course, the above is just a little bit. You have to believe that every penny is worth every penny. It is expensive for a reason. Whether or not the power adapter passes the safety certification is absolutely the guarantee of its quality.

Zhejiang Dechuang Transformer Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has also passed CE, CB, GS, BS, UL, CUL, FCC, PSE, KC, CCC, SAA and other certifications. Its safety performance is also very strict, fully reflects Dechuang's consistent good quality, making it in the same product stand out.

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