Why do medical devices use isolation transformers?


The necessity of isolation transformers in medical equi […]

The necessity of isolation transformers in medical equipment is mainly due to:

(1) The isolating transformer can reduce the leakage current and ensure that the patient and doctors and other people are in contact with the device without electric shock, especially the direct leakage of the heart.

Leakage currents pass through different parts of the body and flow through different organs, the degree of damage is different, and the risk is different. At that time, if the current intensity flowing to important organs affects the function of the organ, it will be life-threatening, like the brain and The vital organs of the heart are extremely dangerous.

The existence of an isolation transformer solves this need. Because of its unique functional characteristics, the isolation transformer is widely used in medical equipment, especially in places where life is critical, such as operating room and cardiac intensive care unit. , intensive care unit, etc. By using an isolating transformer, the leakage current in the power supply circuit is effectively prevented from entering the operating room through the grounding wire, which greatly protects the patient from the leakage current.

(2) Isolation transformer can reduce output voltage and current

Isolation transformers can be customized to meet the needs of the model and parameters according to the needs of medical equipment

(3) Isolation transformer ensures continuity of medical equipment during use

The secondary end of the isolation transformer is not grounded. When the first insulation fault point occurs at one end of the load, the circuit will not form a loop and will not cause the power switch to trip, thus ensuring continuity in the use of the medical device.

(4) The isolation transformer reduces the leakage current and also avoids the occurrence of a serious fire in the leakage current.

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