Why is the box-type substation not suitable for installation in the community?


In the box-type substation, the transformer is installe […]

In the box-type substation, the transformer is installed below the ground, and the above ground is high and low voltage power distribution equipment. Through this up-and-down three-dimensional arrangement, its installation area is greatly reduced, and through the optimized design of the shape, the above-ground part is made into a landscape decoration type. Or the light box advertising style, indeed played a beautifying and decorative role for the surrounding environment, unlike other box-type substations, it is not very coordinated with the environment after installation. Why is the box-type substation not suitable for installation in the community?

Camouflage box type substation
The design life of the buried transformer is generally about 20 years. After a few years, it will definitely be renovated and updated. This will involve the construction time. Generally, the power outage and update time can be completed in one day. , And the buried transformer adopts direct-buried installation. If the overall replacement of the box transformer is carried out, great trouble will be encountered
Maintenance is difficult. Once the transformer needs to be repaired, due to the small space in the transformer box, the conditions are quite limited, and the on-site maintenance is difficult. If you want to replace the transformer, you must first lift the upper high and low power distribution parts and remove the cables. The workload is huge and the power outage time may be unpredictable. .
American box-type substation
Due to the box structure and installation method, it is easy to accumulate water in the underground transformer box. In this community, the underground transformer drainage outlet is almost level with the ground. When the automatic submersible pump can do nothing, the risk of water ingress into the transformer is far greater than that of the power distribution room installed in the basement.
Due to the compact size of the buried box-type substation, all electrical operations are outdoors. In case of bad weather, it will bring great inconvenience and insecurity to the operators.

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