Application and characteristics of toroidal transformer


Toroidal transformers belong to a large type of electro […]

Toroidal transformers belong to a large type of electronic transformers. It has been widely used in home appliances and other electronic devices with high technical requirements. Its main use is as a power transformer and isolation transformer. Toroidal transformers have a complete series abroad and are widely used in computers, medical equipment, telecommunications, instruments and lighting.

Toroidal transformers have excellent performance-price ratio, good output characteristics and anti-interference ability, so they are competitive electronic transformers. Next, its features are introduced one by one.

The iron core of the toroidal transformer is made of high-quality cold-rolled silicon steel sheet (usually below 0.35mm in thickness) and seamless rolled, making its core performance superior to traditional laminated cores. The coil of the toroidal transformer is evenly wound on the iron core, and the direction of the magnetic field lines generated by the coil is almost the same as the magnetic circuit of the iron core. Compared with the stacked type, the excitation energy and iron loss are reduced by 25%, and it has many advantages as follows.

1. High electrical efficiency. The core has no air gap and the stacking factor can be as high as 95% or higher. The magnetic permeability of the core can be 1.5~1.8T (the laminated core only needs 1.2~1.4T). Electrical efficiency can be as high as 95% or higher. The no-load current is only 10% of the laminated type.

2. Small size and light weight Compared with the laminated transformer, the toroidal transformer can reduce the weight by half. Toroidal transformers can easily change the ratio of the length, width and height of the core as long as the cross-sectional area of ​​the core remains equal.

3. There is no air gap in the iron core of the magnetic interference small ring type motor, and the windings are evenly wound on the ring type iron core. This structure results in a small magnetic flux leakage and small ultraviolet rays of the electromagnetic field. High-sensitivity electronics can be used without additional blocking. Used as low-level amplifiers and medical equipment.

4. There is no air gap in the small iron core for vibration and noise, which can reduce the noise generated by the iron core. The windings evenly and tightly surround the toroidal core, effectively reducing the noise caused by magnetostriction.

5. Easy to install There is only one mounting screw in the center of the toroidal transformer, which is especially easy to install and remove quickly in electronic equipment.

6. Lower operating temperature Because the iron loss can reach 1.1W/kg, the iron loss is very small, the iron core temperature is very low, and the winding dissipates the heat of the iron core at a lower temperature, so the temperature rise of the transformer is very low.

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