Winding method and precautions of toroidal transformer coil


In our life, many toroidal transformers are used. Howev […]

In our life, many toroidal transformers are used. However, the winding method and precautions of toroidal transformer windings may not be clear to most netizens. Here we explain the specific operation methods and precautions for you:
1. Wind the primary winding first, take the high-quality high-strength enameled wire with a similar diameter to the original wire, and wrap the double wire around the "I"-shaped wire shuttle, and cut it after the number of turns meets the requirements.

2. Adhere the double thread end to the outer circumference of the annular iron core with double-sided tape, so that the thread shuttle can be wound in the inner hole of the annular iron core.

3. After one layer of coil is wound, apply a layer of insulating varnish (conducive to the positioning and insulation of the turns), wrap a layer with cellophane, and then wind the second layer of coil.

4. Connect the heads and tails of the two coils to make them in series, and the other two wire ends are led out by welding with soft leather wires and insulated.

5. After adding a layer of interlayer insulating paper on the primary winding, the secondary winding is wound again, and the winding method is similar to that of the primary winding.

6. After the winding coil is wound, the secondary winding can be wound back in turn in accordance with the rule of "first dismantling and then winding, and then dismantling and first winding".

Note: There is no need to count the number of turns when winding, but try to wrap the enameled wire as tightly as possible, and wind one turn and one turn without crossing each other. After the previously removed enameled wire is wound, the number of turns of the winding should be similar to the original number of turns or only 1 to 3 turns less.

Note: Insulation is required between each winding. After all the windings are done, put the toroidal transformer into a constant temperature box to bake for a period of time, and then wrap the entire toroidal transformer with insulating tape.

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