How to prevent transformer fire in high-rise buildings


With the development of society, in order to save space […]

With the development of society, in order to save space and floor space, there are more and more high-rise buildings, but fire hazards also follow. At present, most of the fires in high-rise buildings are caused by irregular electricity consumption. How to eliminate the hidden fire hazard of the transformer? In order to avoid fire hazards, we must take into account the fire protection of transformers when designing. The specific design requirements are as follows:

Fire protection requirements when using flammable oil-immersed transformers in high-rise buildings: my country’s high-rise civil building fire protection code stipulates that flammable oil-filled oil-immersed transformers should not be arranged in high-rise main buildings, and must be arranged in high-rise main buildings if restricted , The following fire prevention measures should be taken: Transformers should not be arranged above, below or adjacent to densely populated places, and partition walls without doors and windows openings and with a fire resistance rating of not less than 3 hours and 2-hour floor slabs should be used to separate other parts. open. If it is necessary to open the door, a Class A fire door shall be provided.

So how should the transformer be arranged, we think we should stick to the following points:

(1) The transformer room should be arranged on the ground floor close to the outer wall, and the door should be opened on the outer wall, and a fire-proof overhang with a width of not less than 1 meter should be installed above the opening of the outer wall.

(2) There should be accidental oil storage facilities under the transformer to store the entire oil volume of the transformer.

(3) Automatic fire alarm and fixed fire extinguishing device should be installed.

The arrangement and prevention of these methods can prevent the transformer from catching fire. In addition, pay attention to the use of electricity. Do not short-circuit the power line, let alone use super-large electrical appliances. Use electricity rationally and eliminate hidden dangers. !

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