Introduction to basic knowledge of transformers


The competition pressure is very high. As a professiona […]

The competition pressure is very high. As a professional toroid transformer manufacturer, you are not familiar with product knowledge or have only a little proficient knowledge, so how to mix? Right? Let's take a quick look:

1. The basic working principle of the transformer

It is mainly introduced through the comparison of two formulas, and professional people will understand and read.

E1= 4.44Fn1Bms, E2= 4.44Fn2Bms, current ratio and voltage ratio.

2. Transformer no-load characteristics

First, we need to know the main flux Φ M and the leakage flux Ca L1. In nature, amorphous M and I0 have a nonlinear relationship. ΦL1 is linearly related to I0. Small in quantity: Φ M accounts for more than 99%, and LA L1 accounts for less than 1%. Effect: Φ M plays the role of energy transfer, and L1 plays the role of leakage pressure drop.

3. The transformer is running under load

The side is connected to the AC power supply, the side is connected to the load, and the load current will flow through the second side. This situation is called load operation.

4. Classification of transformers

A. Classify the use of transformers, which can be summarized into the following categories: power transformers, distribution transformers, converter transformers, test transformers, special transformers can be used in different industries (for example: rectifier transformers, traction transformers, etc.), electronics industry Transformer used in.

B. Different cooling and insulating media can be classified into the following categories: oil-immersed transformers, gas-insulated transformers, and dry-type transformers.

C. There are two basic forms of transformer mechanisms: shell-type transformers and iron-core transformers. The difference is mainly in the distribution of the magnetic circuit or core: the yoke of the shell transformer core wraps the coil as if it forms a shell, hence the name. The iron core of the iron core transformer is mostly in the coil. Only a part forms an iron yoke outside the coil as a magnetic circuit. The electromagnetic principle of shell transformer or iron core transformer is exactly the same.

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