Method for judging the quality of toroidal transformer core


Method for judging the quality of toroidal transformer […]

Method for judging the quality of toroidal transformer core

The easiest and quickest way is to look at the thickness, color, texture, and manufacturing process of the core.

1. Core thickness. The thinner the thickness, the better the quality. Since a good iron core is seamlessly rolled from an oriented cold-rolled silicon steel sheet (the sheet thickness is generally 0.35 mm or less), the thinner the thickness, the tighter the fit, and the lower the eddy current loss.

2. The color of the iron core. The quality of the iron core is generally gray, and the relatively inferior quality is generally white.

3. The texture of the iron core. The higher the quality of the iron core, the more dense the road

4. The manufacturing process of the iron core. Whether the surface of the iron core is smooth and flat, whether the thickness of the silicon steel sheet is uniform, whether the shearing opening has burrs or the like.

What are the factors that determine the quality of a toroidal transformer?

The quality of the toroidal transformer is mainly determined by four factors: iron core, enameled wire, insulating material and winding process. Why do you say that?

1. The good quality iron core silicon steel sheet is thin, not only has high magnetic permeability, low loss, but also the iron core is tightly wound without air gap, which can effectively reduce the noise of the core induction vibration.

2. The insulation material of the toroidal transformer determines its safety and service life. The better the insulation material, the stronger the impact resistance. The possibility of short-circuit and leakage of the toroidal transformer is small, and the service life can be longer and safer.

3. The durable toroidal transformer must have a good lacquer-coated lacquer layer, sufficient insulation strength, uniform lacquer distribution and strong adhesion. The wound toroidal transformer is not prone to short circuit.

4. The winding process of the toroidal transformer is also particularly important. The winding of the enameled wire is evenly arranged and leveled, and the winding strength of the machine is properly adjusted to avoid the occurrence of perforation in the winding process of the enameled wire. The thus wrapped enameled wire evenly surrounds the toroidal core, and can effectively reduce the "click" caused by magnetostriction.

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