The main application areas of waterproof transformers


The main application areas of waterproof transformers i […]

The main application areas of waterproof transformers include:

1. Outdoor engineering lighting, urban lighting engineering, outdoor lighting, etc.

Many outdoor engineering lightings require transformers for their own needs, but they suffer from the harsh outdoor environment and the possibility of rain and water. It is necessary to use waterproof transformers to ensure the normal operation of outdoor lighting and transformers.

The engineer Li of Shenzhen City Science and Technology Co., Ltd., which mainly produces lighting products, also suffered from this. However, he found the Shengyuan transformer through Baidu. After learning about the needs of Li’s engineers through communication, Shengyuan Transformer Tailored a number of waterproof transformers dedicated to outdoor advertising, Shengyuan waterproof transformer built-in temperature + overload + overcurrent + short circuit four protection, good heat dissipation. With CE certification and waterproof rating inspection report, it can achieve IP67 waterproof rating. Fully realize the function of full waterproofing, and achieve the goal of cooperation and win-win with Shenzhen City Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

2. Mining mines, marine equipment, industrial atomizing humidifiers, etc.

We all know that many mine mine equipment, ship equipment, etc. have the possibility of being drenched or soaked. At this time, the transformer is required to achieve waterproof function. The waterproof transformer can withstand the environment of moisture and flooding, so it is widely used in mining areas. Mines, marine equipment and industrial atomizing humidifiers.

In summary, waterproof transformers are commonly used in outdoor, riverside, seaside, pool or high humidity environments. It plays an important role in the development of the city.

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