Switch power transformer selection


Switching power transformer is generally used in some h […]

Switching power transformer is generally used in some high-frequency electrical occasions, the following power adapter manufacturers will introduce how you should choose switching power transformer, I hope you can understand the selection of switching power transformer through this article.

Switch power transformer selection:
1Select the corresponding topology;
2 determine how much power supply;
3 the magnetic core and core framework of the power are selected;
4. Set the primary, secondary winding number and line diameter according to the parameters.
Switching power transformer plays the role of energy transfer and conversion.In flyback circuits, when the switch is switched on, the transformer converts electrical energy into magnetic field energy, which is stored and released when the switch is switched off.In a forward circuit, when the switch is switched on, the input voltage is supplied directly to the load and the energy is stored in the energy storing inductor.When the switch is cut off, the energy storage inductor is used to transfer the load.
The above is a detailed introduction of the selection of switching power transformer, we believe that we have their own decision on the selection of switching power transformer after understanding these big steps, I hope you can use the right switching power transformer in the right environment.

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