What is the safe distance for transformer radiation


   my country's environmental standards for electromagn […]

   my country's environmental standards for electromagnetic fields in power transmission and transformation are stricter than international standards. The power frequency electric field intensity exposure limit issued by the international authoritative organization recommended by WHO for the protection of public health is 5 kV/m, and the power frequency magnetic field intensity exposure limit is 0.1 mTesla; while China’s public protection limit The electric field is 4 kV/m and the magnetic field is 0.1 mTesla. In actual construction, it is often lower than these standards. In fact, electromagnetic fields are everywhere in our lives.

  According to calculations, when we enjoy the beautiful moonlight and when we turn on the TV at home, the electromagnetic field around us is much stronger than the transmission line. The earth itself has a geomagnetic field. Comparing the geomagnetic field existing on the earth with the magnetic field generated by power transmission and transformation facilities can also draw an interesting conclusion: the geomagnetic field data observed in Beijing is 54 microtesla. When reversed, the maximum intensity is about 100 microtesla, which is 50-100 times the electromagnetic field of power transmission and transformation facilities. This shows that people living in the electromagnetic field of tens of microtesla have almost no feeling, even the staff on duty in the substation 24 hours, their health will not be affected.

  The electromagnetic radiation of ordinary distribution transformers is not large, and the metal shell can shield a considerable part of the electromagnetic radiation. Generally, the electromagnetic radiation is minimal if it is more than 5 meters away from the transformer.

   There will be an electromagnetic field around the transformer, because the electric field itself is not harmful, and the impact of a transformer on the human body is not as great as the electromagnetic radiation generated by your electrical appliances at home. Suggestions: Therefore, this transformer can only say that, it is not absolutely harmless, it can be said that the harm is quite small and can be neglected, but it is relatively noisy and affects life. If you feel it is noisy, you can discuss and adjust the location. If it is not for a long time, just consider the safety insulation distance.

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