What is the standard for UL power cord


UL power cord plug: 120V 50/60Hz divided into two core […]

UL power cord plug: 120V 50/60Hz divided into two core wire, three core wire and polar, non-polar, the United States of America power supply plug copper sheet must have a rubber cover;Two - core printed wire represents the wire;The big polarity pin is zero line, the small pin is fire line (power line concave and convex surface is zero, line circular surface is fire line).

UL power lines include NISPT-2 double insulated flat wire, SPT-1W single insulated flat wire with groove, SJTW waterproof power line, SJTO oil-proof power line, etc.Their criteria are as follows.

1.NISPT-2: NISPT represents double-layer insulation, with two surface core insulation and outer insulation.

2.XTV and SPT: represent a single layer of insulation, with two core wires on the -2 surface (the wire body is grooved, and the outer insulation is directly covered with copper conductor).

3.SPT-3: represents single-layer insulated ground wire, -3 represents three-core wire (the wire body is grooved, the ground wire in the middle is double-layer insulation).

4.SPT and NISPT are flat wire, while SVT is circular wire with double insulation, core insulation and outer insulation.

The above is the standard of UL power cord. AC power cord is mainly used for AC power supply, while DC power supply is for DC power supply.

Quick charge time, quietly changing our habits of charging, more and more friends will choose the mobile phone support quick charge. The most of mobile phone charger and charging equipment are port A output, and PD need TypeC interface. PD is a quick charge protocol, the Type - C is a kind of new interface specification. Type - C interface default maximum support 5 v / 3 a, but after realized the USB PD agreement, can make the output maximum support to 100 w. Let every mobile phone users can better enjoy fast charging technology, the use of the convenient for everyone.

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Kingrong advantage of PD chargers:

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Four, six level of energy efficiency, low power consumption, charging efficiency is higher

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