Deeply study the role and characteristics of the isolation transformer


Mainly including the following points 1, the role of pu […]

Mainly including the following points

1, the role of purifying the power supply voltage

According to the principle of the isolation transformer, we can know that its output and input are completely independent and have no common line, and can be "opened" from each other, so that the input end of the transformer, that is, the power supply voltage of the grid is effectively A good filtering effect. Thereby, it plays the role of purifying the power supply voltage, and provides a pure power supply voltage to the electric equipment.

2, can effectively suppress 3 times and 3 times harmonics

The three- and three-fold harmonics have a frequency of 150 Hz, and the phase difference between the phasors is three times that of the fundamental wave, and the phasors constitute a zero-sequence system. The isolation transformer is a transformer with D, yn11 connection method. The original winding is a delta connection, which can loop zero sequence current and 3 times and 3 times harmonic current. The zero sequence flux on the secondary winding side induces zero in the original winding. The sequence loop current. Thereby, the harmonics of the third and third multiples are effectively suppressed.

3. Suppress common mode and high frequency interference, and block the path formation of interference signals

Most of the interference signals are high frequency signals and common mode signals. At high frequencies, the hysteresis loss and eddy current loss of the core of the transformer increase, and most of the signal energy is converted into heat energy consumption, and the high-frequency signal is greatly suppressed.

When the signal is a common mode signal, the transformer transmits a differential signal, that is, the transformer is concerned with the voltage difference across the winding. Instead of common mode, common mode interference cannot be transmitted through the transformer.

In addition, the isolation transformer can also be used as a safe power source for machine maintenance. Protection, lightning protection, filtering

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