What is the role of the audio transformer in the audio?


What is the role of the audio transformer in the audio? […]

What is the role of the audio transformer in the audio?

Audio transformers, in the audio amplifier industry, have a different popular name: audio cow, which belongs to the category of low-frequency transformers. Nowadays, music has become an indispensable part of our life. The quality of music is determined by the sound quality, and the quality of the sound is determined by the audio internal audio transformer, so the audio transformer plays a very important role in music. So what kind of role does it play?

The role of the audio transformer in the amplifier sound:

1. The function of impedance and voltage conversion, the output of the audio cow in the amplifier will have impedance changes, then the inevitable voltage will also change, achieving impedance matching before and after.

2. The audio signal is coupled. Because the output of the audio transformer is AC instead of DC, it can replace the capacitive coupling to make the signal more coupled.

3, the use of sound, so that the tone is thicker, the high frequency is smoother.

4, balance isolation, use the audio cow to rotate between single-ended and balanced, so that the signal waveform reduces losses.

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